My Story

Hi there!
My name is Lillian Rule and I live on a farmette with my parents and four adorable siblings, near the river town of Columbia.

I have always loved rabbits of all kinds but one of my favorite breeds will always be the Holland Lop, I can’t get enough of those sweet flat faces and long floppy ears.

I started breeding in 2020 and had a sucessful litter of five. That then sparked my intrest in breeding and have been raising two litters a year to sell to Lop lovers like me! Raising and caring for them is always such a pleasure down to the messiest parts of the job! Its always worth it to see someone bring home their new best friend.

I can’t wait to meet you!



Treating other with respect and dignity regardless of their responses

Excellence IN CARE

“Every bunny worth having, is worth treating well”


Honest and clear