First Days At Home With New Bunny

When you get home with your new bunny, here are some things to consider:

SITTING STILL: “My rabbit won’t just stay put!”

If your rabbit won’t just chill with you, don’t feel bad. Right now they are exploring their home and just checking things out! Once they explore a little they’ll come back to check in with you.

PERSONALITIES: “My siblings bunny is more playful than mine!”

Rabbits have different personalities, so one might love to be held and snuggled, and the other might just like to be pet or played with, so remember to respect the bunnies’ boundaries.

A LOT OR LITTLE? “Can I hold it?”

They are shy in their new home and handling them a lot is good. 

BONDING: “How do I get to know my pet?”

One of the best ways to bond with your rabbit is to let them come up to you, pick them up and set them on your lap, but allow them to come and go.  It can help them feel more comfortable if they are in charge of when it’s time to explore and when it’s time to snuggle and hang out. 

FEEDING & WEIGHT: “My rabbits over weight!”

Don’t worry, give your bunnies as much food as they want. Its better for them to be slightly over weight than under weight. Giving your rabbit plently of exercise is a great way to keep rabbits fit and it helps them burn off any extra fat.

BITTING: “My rabbit just bit me!”

If your rabbit just gave you a little nip, don’t get angry or sad. They don’t not like you, its just their way of telling you that they want you to do somthing diffrently.

Also! If your rabbit is nuzzling or licking you before they nibbled, it could mean that they are trying to groom you! Which in bunny language is a way of them showing that you are a part of their family.

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