Litter Training

Tired of your bunny pooping all over your rug? Here’s the answer! 

It is pretty easy, although it’s going to take some time, patience and dedication on your part.

For the first step, if your rabbit is living inside, limit their space! Don’t let them roam all over the place as that could make training much more difficult. Have one room or penned in area that you keep them in, and place their cage in a convenient spot where they can reach it.

Step two: In their cage, ( or room ) pay close attention to where your rabbit is pooping and peeing. It will usually be in a corner, or one centered spot in their room or cage. 

Step three: Finding or making your own litter box is easy. You can make a DIY one out of a storage box by cutting a whole in one side. Or use a store bought one, but make sure that it is quite large.

Step Four: Use a few layers of newspaper and shredded paper bedding ( You can easily find some at a pet store near you ) to cover the bottom of the litter box, then sprinkle some fresh hay over top. You could also add a few of their old droppings to the bin for extra mesure.

TIP! Don’t pile the bedding to thick, a few large handfulls will do. NEVER! Use any type of cat litter, most kinds are toxic to rabbits.

Step Five: Show your rabbit the litter box, set him/her inside and let them explore it.

Step Six: The hardest and most requiring part for you. Paitently, each time you suspect your rabbit is about to go to the bathroom, ( indicated by them sitting still with thier tail raised, or just a higher raising of the tail ) You must pick them up and place them in the litter box.

This step will take about two to three weeks of attention depending on your rabbit. By the end of the process your rabbit should be using their little restroom on their own!

ATTENTION! many people say to spay your rabbit before beginning training, it can be helpful if your rabbit tends to spray, but I would not recommend it as they can learn just as well without.

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