Top 6 Care Tips

Tip #1: No goodies yet!

If you have just purchsed one of my rabbits, they are about 8 weeks old. There are many rabbit treats you can give them when they are older, but until they are about a year old don’t give them anything except for hay and rabbit feed. 

Tip #2: Hay, hay, hay!

Make sure they ALWAYS have hay available. It helps wear down their teeth, and keeps their digestion healthy! They also enjoy a little munching while they use the bathroom.

Tip #3: Safe & Secure

Make sure if your rabbit lives inside, the room your bunnie plays in is “bunny proofed” Protecting all loose cords, covering baseboards (which they can and will chew),and keeping any plants out of reach.

If your rabbit is an outdoor rabbit, check all cage doors and make sure they are sucurely locked before leaving the area.

Tip #4: Seprate but Equal

If you own to males or two females make sure to give them seprate cages. Both can become territoral which could result in a fight.

Tip #5: Sqeaky Clean

Clean out the cage at least once a week to keep it clean, and the litter box (if it is being used) clean out up to two or three times per week.

Tip #6: Don’t worry! Be happy!

Don’t worry! A lot of pet owners spend to much time worrying that their pet is unhappy, or that their not doing somthing correctly. But most of the time your rabbit is fine and just happy to spend time with you.

More Tips

Litter Training

Tired of your bunny pooping all over your rug? Here’s the answer!  It is pretty easy, although it’s going to take some time, patience and